VISOR Object

Detects the right part in the wrong place, and vice versa

Visor Object Highlights

  • Precise position determination: x/y-position and orientation

  • Detection for both presence and completion checks, as well as position control and simple measurement tasks

  • Easy to use calibration for measuring tasks.  Conversion into millimeters and correction of distortion and perspective

Objects that sometimes appear in unexpected positions and have complex shapes and details – classic switching sensors would be completely overwhelmed by such detection tasks. 

Not the VISOR® Object from SensoPart: it always maintains its overview, detecting defective parts, parts in the wrong position,

wrong orientation, wrong sequence or a combination of them all – in an instant. The comprehensive calibration functions range from a simple scaling factor to the correction of image and lens distortions at a mouse click. With its highly precise position and orientation detection, our VISOR® Object is one of the best in its class.

An expansive range of detectors is available for inspection tasks and evaluations: pattern matching, contour detection, caliper, BLOB, brightness, grey threshold and contrast detection. Position tracking offers reliable detection of those features that do not repeatedly appear in the original position taught.

All evaluations take place relative to the current part position and orientation, without them having to be defined for every possible position of an individual feature. The color version features detectors for color detection, enabling VISOR® to also distinguish between the finest nuances in shade. This powerful tool allows you to solve even demanding applications confidently!

Scope of detectors according to the application:

Standard:  Detectors for simple presence detection, measurement tasks and color identification

Advanced:  Additional comprehensive preprocessing filters and enhanced position tracking for position control and completeness checks. Optional result calculation, and complete palette of tools for your color application

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