BlueBay Automation Vision Solutions

Our Vision Partners

Asyril Eye+

Designed to easily integrate with Asycube feeders, the EYE+ is the intelligence between the Asycube and the robot.  Control the hopper, feeder, camera and the robot from one interface.  EYE+ includes integrated Artificial Intelligence based vision on a powerful controller.

AI Vision Technology

AI-powered visual quality inspection goes beyond the capabilities of machine vision alone in detecting anomalies and product variations. Using Neurala's proven AI vision software and selecting the hardware that best meets your application and budget, manufacturers can scale production and adapt to workforce changes while achieving even higher levels of quality control.

OnRobot Eyes

With the  OnRobot Eyes you can easily sort, pick and place unstructured applications with high reliability using any robot arm. Eyes can be mounted on the robot wrist or externally, with position adjustments to adapt to your application, and integrates seamlessly with the robot interface and gripper through the OnRobot Quick Changer.  With Eyes’ advanced, affordable 2.5D vision, you get depth perception and the ability to stack parts, without adding complexity. 

Innovative Sensors and Vision Cameras 

Whether for the identification or inspection of objects, positioning tasks in the robotics industry or numerous other sensor tasks, they offer simple and reliable solutions using state-of-the-art technologies.