PreciseFlex Direct Drive Robot

The newest addition to the PreciseFlex family


  • Heavier payloads at 6kg and 8 kg

  • Direct drive robot design so they are faster and still collaborative

  • Embedded controller

  • Ideal for mobile applications 

  • Can have Z axis up to 1.4 M

  • Longer reach plus base rotation

Features and Benefits


Heavier payloads for SCARA families at 6kg and 8kg

Mobile Applications

Lightweight and easy to mount, this model of collaborative technology is ideal for mobile applications

Embedded Controller

Controller  comes embedded in the robot


The direct drive robot design allows faster speeds than traditional collaborative models, while maintaining the safety the cobots offer

Working Range

With the ability to have a Z axis of up to 1.4 meters, the circular working area of the PFDD allows smaller workspaces with extended reach

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