Yaskawa Certified Drive Specialist
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22 December, 2021 by
Yaskawa Certified Drive Specialist
BlueBay Automation, LLC, J.T. Wood

What is a Certified Drive Specialist?

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Yaskawa offers their partners the ability to become a certified drive specialist.  A Certified Drive Specialist is the primary contact and knowledge base for Yaskawa Drive products, and is the "go-to" person for questions about your drive's performance, capabilities, and applications.

A CDS has current knowledge of and experience with Yaskawa drives and the broader drives market.

What Does This Mean for You?

Local Drive Expert

BlueBay has not one, but TWO certified drive specialists.  This means that when you have any question about Yaskawa's drive lineup, then you know who to call.  

Two Year Warranty

Need to get a drive started up?  If you use BlueBay to get this done, then you'll be able to get a two year warranty on your drive since it was started up by one of our certified drive specialists! 

Meet Our Specialists

Robert Barnard

- Applications Engineer -

Robert has been with BlueBay Automation for over three and a half years and is our go-to for any and all things that require that extra mile of technical analysis.  Based out of our Nashville HQ and having a thorough background in controls and robotics, Robert is able to add value in a variety of ways.

Brad Czecholinski

- Product Specialist -

With experience spanning from nuclear engineering to industrial robotics, Brad has been with BlueBay for two years now and has solved application after application on our customers' behalf.  Based out of Charlotte, Brad is always eager to help our customers and even come on site when needed.

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Yaskawa Certified Drive Specialist
BlueBay Automation, LLC, J.T. Wood 22 December, 2021
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