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Kassow Robots Demo from SouthTec 2021

Paired with OnRobot's dual gripper setup, the KR810 shows off it's flexibility and strength


Meca500 Demo from SouthTec 2021

The worlds smallest and most precise 6 axis arm combined with a variety of other automation for a turnkey solution


Precise Automation:

ICT Loading and Unloading

Simplifying in-circuit testing and eliminating the need to manually feed testers without redesigning your work cell - a perfect drop-in solution!


Mecademic PCB Insertion

See our developed proof-of-concept using a Meca500 Industrial robot


Mecademic Proof of Concept

See the world's smallest, most precise industrial 6 axis arm in action with this pick and place proof of concept


Precise Automation Overview

See what makes Precise Automation's collaborative robots some of the fastest, most space efficient robots in the market today


GA800 Bluetooth Setup Demo

See how to set up your Yaskawa GA800 drive


Precise Automation  Cobots

See Precise Automation's collaborative lineup used in a variety of applications


Precise Automation - Cycle Time

See just how fast these collaborative robots can move


OnRobot Grippers

A gripper for almost any robotic application out there, and some of the easiest to use software on the market


TennTech 2018 Featured Products

See some of the best products that were featured at TennTech 2018


TennTech 2018 Recap

See some of the best products that were featured at TennTech 2018

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